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A typical evening in rural Nigeria is one where farmers hurry home at sunset and kerosene lamps light up petty stalls and charcoal kitchens.

This scenario depicts typical rural life after dark in off-grid communities, representing over 60% of the Nigerian populace that are compelled to rely on kerosene lamps and occasionally dangerous gasoline generators for their lighting needs.

These lighting sources require daily financing, forcing income earners to prioritise tasks involving the use of light at night. The vision behind Emel Solar Solutions is one that is focused on bridging the electricity gap in Nigeria.


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We leverage our various partnerships with Financial Institutions and the IFC to deliver affordable, durable, reliable solar products to regions where they are needed, when they are needed and at the right price.
We believe in the power of Solar to improve quality of health, better manage small businesses, allow access to longer study times for students, save energy costs and increase income-generating opportunities.

Together we can keep lighting up Nigeria